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The Fall of the Temple and the Triumph of Judaic Populism

Judaism is one of the oldest and most powerful religious, ethnic, and cultural traditions still extant in human history.  During the lifetime of Jesus, two distinct worldviews were competing for dominance in Judaism — the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  The … Continue reading

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The Great Ideologies: Social Conservatism

John Locke was often called the “Father of Liberalism” and can most properly be understood as the grandfather of “Social Conservatism.”  John Locke was a Calvinist and, like John Calvin himself and unlike Martin Luther, he believed in the Natural … Continue reading

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The Great Ideologies: The Left

Martin Luther created the womb out of which was ultimately born “the Left” and so his philosophy of the conflict between Faith and Reason must be noted. The Catholic faith had always believed in a profound dialogue between Faith and … Continue reading

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