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Why the Synod Has No Magisterial Significance (Hint: Latin)

  The mealy-mouthed, politically correct betrayal of the Catholic Church occurring at the Synod of the Family in Rome is magisterially irrelevant. There are two main audiences to this news.  There are those living in what the Catechism of the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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The Predictable Defeat of Mitt Romney

This blog, contrary to all appearances, is not permanently abandoned.  However, posts have become non-existent.  This is because I am spending my writing hours working on a book articulating Catholic Populism.  Once I finish, I expect to go back to … Continue reading

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Chinese Catholics Are Called To Follow Christ Even To Death

Henry II of England nominated Thomas-a-Becket to be Archbishop of Canterbury because he firmly believed that Thomas would be loyal first to the State and second to Rome. We know how that turned out. After bitterly fighting with the formerly … Continue reading

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